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(i) Airport Assistance Worldwide, LLC (herein referred to as “Agency”) cannot be held responsible for unforeseen acts of nature resulting in flight delays/cancellations (i.e. delays/cancellations due to weather, air traffic, airline strikes, flight cancellations by the airline for any reason, passenger illness, etc).  (ii) All prices are subject to change without prior notice. (iii) In the case of human or computer error, Airport Assistance Worldwide reserves the right to re-quote or re-invoice for the correct service cost.  (iv) “Customer” or “Client” refers to the person booking the meet. (v) “Gate” and/or “airside” access herein refers to access points post-security. (vi) “TSA” herein is the U.S. Transportation and Security Administration. (vii) “Security” refers to all other security and/or police checkpoints at non-U.S. locations. (viii) “Concierge” or “Greeter” refers to Airport Assistance Worldwide airport representative. (ix) Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time.  (x) Any exceptions to our Terms and Conditions will be conveyed at the time of booking.


8:00am-7:00pm PST Monday – Friday
CLOSED Saturday and Sunday
A manager on duty will be available after-hours for urgent requests
Modified office hours and/or closings may apply for the following national U.S. holidays: New Year’s Day, President’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

  1. Customer agrees to provide passenger information necessary for AGENCY to coordinate and deliver the meet and assist service.  Missed meets due to incomplete, inaccurate, or missing information will not be eligible for refunds.
  2. MINIMUM AGE: Airport Assistance Worldwide services are available to all travelers at least eighteen (18) years of age. Travelers under the age of eighteen (18) must be accompanied by an adult. Exceptions are given under limited circumstances. Additional surcharges apply for minors traveling alone.
  3. BOOKINGS: All bookings must be received in writing via e-mail, our online booking form, or through your preferred airline booking portal (Apollo, Sabre).
    1. Bookings are not submitted for confirmation until Customer has approved quoted rates and terms
    2. Terms and conditions are considered accepted by the Customer once an official booking has been placed
    3. Once confirmations are sent, Customer has until the cancellation/change time-frame to make any changes or cancel the booking without penalty.
    4. In the event the booking is a last-minute booking and already within the cancellation/change time-frame, all terms automatically apply
  4. QUOTES: Airport Assistance Worldwide services are priced according to the travel date, flight, and number of passengers provided at the time of booking. Additional fees may apply for changes to a confirmed booking, including date change, flight change, changes to the scheduled meet time (passenger pick-up time for departures), and changes to the passenger count and/or manifest.
  5. CANCELLATION and AMENDMENT POLICY: Herein, “domestic” locations refer to all airports within the United States. “International” locations refer to all airports outside of the United States.  Your confirmation summary will state the cancellation terms for each individual city.
    1. Any cancellation to a confirmed booking will be subject to 100% of the quoted rate if cancelled with less than the required number of hours as noted below:
      1. LAX and JFK = Twelve (12) business hours prior to departure or arrival
      2. All other U.S. domestic airports = Twenty-four (24) business hours prior to departure or arrival
      3. International (outside the U.S.) =  Seventy-two (72) business hours prior to departure or arrival
      4. Select Locations = Ninety-six (96) business hours prior to departure or arrival
      5. Select Locations =  Non-Refundable once confirmed
      6. AA Fivestar and DL VIP Select =  Twelve (12) business hours prior to departure or arrival
      7. BA Paid MAAS = Non-refundable once confirmed
      8. LAX P/S = Seventy-two (72) business hours prior to departure or arrival
    2. Any cancellations received outside of normal business hours will be addressed the next business morning
    3. “Business Hours” refers to the hours our office is open. Ex: Ten (10) hours per weekday.  As such, a “24 hour” policy may extend into the next business day.
    4. All change/cancellation time frames are calculated in the time zone of the city being booked. Applicable “spot-time” hours may apply and vary from airport to airport; see item 6 and 7 for more information.
    5. Late notice changes are considered a cancellation of the original booking plus a new booking. Late notice changes are subject to a fee of 100% of the originally quoted rate plus any new charges for the re-booking, including any applicable late-booking fees
    6. Select airports do not have a cancellation grace period and are non-refundable once confirmed. Non-refundable terms will be conveyed at the time of booking.
  6. EXTRA HOURS OF SERVICE: Each domestic U.S. airport meet is valid for up to two (2) hours of service.  Charges begin at Spot Time (see item 7).  Additional fees may apply for any service extending beyond two (2) hours.  Charges vary by airport. Minimum overage fees begin at $60/hour. 
  7. SPOT TIME: The time our Concierge Greeters are required to be onsite to prepare for a passenger’s meet.
    1. SPOT TIME FOR DEPARTURES: LAX Greeters are required to be onsite when a passenger’s personal chauffeur is scheduled to pick them up from their place of origin.  If a passenger is self-driving, spot time is when the passenger leaves their place of origin.  The place of origin could be their personal residence, hotel, place of business, etc.  Please notify our office at the time of booking if passenger(s) are being picked up extra early due to driving distance, traffic, or if they’re making extra stops along the way.  Without such notice, additional hours of service will be determined at Agency’s discretion. All other U.S. domestic airport locations: Greeters are required to be onsite approximately one (1) hour prior to the expected curbside drop-off time.
    2. CURBSIDE ESTIMATED TIME OF ARRIVAL (ETA) for DEPARTURES: Should Customer choose to provide a “curbside ETA” instead of pick-up time, Greeters will be onsite thirty (30) minutes prior to Customer ETA.  Customer assumes all responsibility if Greeter is not onsite when vehicles arrive due to Customer’s incorrect estimation.
    3. SPOT TIME FOR ARRIVALS or CONNECTIONS: One hour prior to scheduled time of arrival (STA).
  8. PASSENGER MOBILE CONTACT: A local passenger mobile number is required for all services, regardless of airport. Should the passenger choose not to disclose their mobile number, Customer assumes all responsibility in the event of a missed meet and full charges may apply.
    1. ALTERNATE MOBILE CONTACT: If you choose to supply the mobile number of someone other than the traveling passenger, that person assumes responsibility for all communication between our Greeter and the passenger. Should the passenger and our greeter not make contact due to a lack of communication, AGENCY cannot be held responsible and full charges will apply.
  9. GREETER CONTACT DETAILS: Concierge Greeter contact details are provided as a courtesy for the sole purpose of coordinating services on the day of travel. As such, greeters are available on the operational mobiles provided around the time of the service only.  Contacting greeters outside of the service time agreement is strictly prohibited.  Greeter contact details are good for the day of travel only.   If you have any questions or need to amend the booking please e-mail us at meets@airportassistance.com or call +1-310-417-3620.
  10. NAME PLACARDS: Many U.S. domestic airports do not permit greeters to hold name signs (placards). Client must supply a working mobile number for the passenger traveling so Greeter is able to make contact before or during the service time.
  11. INTERNATIONAL GREETER CONTACT DETAILS: AGENCY will endeavor to obtain and provide greeter contact details in advance; however, AGENCY does not guarantee this information will always be available at every international location.  In some select cities, AGENCY may only supply a duty manager hotline number.
  12. GATE/AIRSIDE ACCESS: Where gate access is noted as available, security conditions can change at any time and local security or the airlines have the ability to revoke our Greeters’ security access without notice.  AGENCY does guarantee Concierge Greeter will have gate access on the day of service.
  13. ARRIVAL MEETS: Concierge Greeters will make every effort to monitor inbound flights for gate assignments, but in rare instances, the aircraft may have a last-minute gate change with no advance notice. When this happens, Greeters do their very best to meet passengers at the newly assigned gate prior to their disembarking. {Does not apply to international arrivals as noted in item 14 below}
  14. U.S. INTERNATIONAL ARRIVALS – NO GATE/SECURITY ACCESS: Unless otherwise noted, per United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Federal Aviation Administration/TSA regulations, no one other than ticketed passengers and customs-badged airline and airport personnel is permitted into the secure Customs and Immigration hall.  Passengers will be met outside Customs with a name-sign. Some exceptions apply and will be conveyed at the time fo booking. 
  15. AIRLINE SPECIAL SERVICES COURTESY ASSISTANCE: At times, Concierge Greeters will enlist the assistance of local airline personnel or “special services”.  This additional service is provided by the airline as a courtesy at no additional charge and is not a guaranteed service. The airline reserves the right to terminate such assistance due to their operational needs at any point during the course of the meet. Please note, if an airline agent is acting in conjunction with, or on behalf of, one of our Concierge Greeters, it is considered an extension of Airport Assistance Worldwide services.
  16. TRANSPORTATION:   Local ground transportation is required for all departures and arrivals; if this information has not already been supplied please do so at least twenty-four (24) to forty-eight (48) hours in advance for domestic services and seventy-two (72) hours in advance for international services.  If transportation information is not received with sufficient notice and passengers are missed, Customer assumes responsibility for any missed meet and full charges will apply.
    1. If passengers are responsible for their own transportation, they must make themselves available by phone within sufficient time prior to flight departure/arrival.  Should Greeter not be able to make contact with the passenger and the passenger is missed, Customer assumes responsibility for any missed meet and full will apply.
  17. PASSENGER CHECK-IN FOR INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL: Airport and airline authority requires all passengers to be physically present with their government issued ID’s for check-in.  Please be sure to arrive to the airport with ample time in order to complete this procedure.  AGENCY cannot be held responsible for a passenger’s seat being given away by the airline due to tardy check-in time.  We recommend checking with your airline and current TSA or security guidelines for recommended arrival times.
  18. SECURITY LINES & FAST TRACK: Passengers will be expedited wherever possible.  However, not all airport locations offer a fast-track or otherwise expedited method of movement throughout the airport channels, including TSA/security.  AGENCY does not guarantee fast-track or other expedited service will be available at any location.  In the event a premium fast-track option has been purchased, in addition to the meet and greet, it is still not a guarantee, as airport authority can revoke access or close fast-track lanes at any time without notice. Should the use of a paid fast-track option become unusable, a refund in the amount of the paid fast-track optional add-on may be available.
  19. CONNECTION (TRANSIT) MEETS: AGENCY does not make any guarantees a passenger will successfully check-in and board his/her connecting flight, regardless of the amount of time between flights.  There are many variables involved that may prevent a passenger from making his onward flight, including, but not limited to:  whether or not the inbound flight arrives on time; if the passenger is seated in the forward cabin (therefore, likely to deplane first) or seated further back; if the passenger needs to make any stops along the way (duty-free shopping, restroom, dining, etc.); the passenger’s mobility; if the passenger’s flights are booked on one ticket (quicker) or ticketed separately (slower, requiring re-checking in, claim & re-check bags, etc.).  AGENCY Concierge Greeter will make every effort to expedite the transit process, however, AGENCY cannot be held responsible if a passenger misses their onward flight for any reason, barring gross negligence.
  20. LOUNGE ACCESS: Unless otherwise noted, lounge access is not included in Airport Assistance Worldwide services.  For long-haul international flights and some transcontinental flights, lounge access may be provided by the airline based on ticket class.  Please check with the airline carrier for more information.
    1. LOUNGE DAY-PASSES: In select cities on limited carriers, Concierge Greeters can purchase a VIP lounge day-pass on Client’s behalf.  Please let us know at the time of booking if you require this additional add-on.  The cost of the day-pass plus any applicable taxes or processing fees will be charged back during final billing.
    2. COVID-19 LOUNGE ACCESS UPDATES: Many airline and airport lounges have been temporarily closed or consolidated. This includes lounge access associated with airline branded services. Please visit the website of your airline carrier for the latest updates. Take note – in the event an airline states on their website their lounge is open, it can be temporarily closed at any time due to the coronavirus circumstances. Changes are happening rapidly, and often with no notice. Greeters will work proactively to find discreet and comfortable places to relax pre-flight. 
  21. BAGGAGE HANDLING AND SKYCAPS/PORTERS: Airport Assistance Worldwide U.S. domestic airport meets include up to two (2) standard sized bags no more or larger than one Greeter can physically lift and manage. Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, many airports are experiencing a decreased number of available skycaps and porters to help with bags.  Should our greeters need to act as a porter (excess bags, extra-large or overweight, etc.), additional fees may apply
  22. GOVERNMENT/DIPLOMATIC MOVEMENT: Local government and diplomatic officials are given priority over the public’s use of any paid meet and greet or VIP premium services. Such movement has the potential to interrupt confirmed meet and greet or premium VIP services without notice.  AGENCY must obey all directives, and local airport officials have final authority. In the event a confirmed meet and greet or premium VIP service is interrupted due to government or diplomatic precedence, our Greeters will do all possible to fulfill the meet and greet service and full charges are subject to apply
  23. MISSED FLIGHTS/NO-SHOWS: If a passenger misses or no shows their flight, it is the responsibility of the client to advise AGENCY. A fee may be charged if sufficient notice is not received per the cancellation/change policy associated with each city.
  24. MISSED FLIGHTS DUE TO LATE AIRPORT ARRIVAL: It is the responsibility of the passenger to arrive to the airport in a timely manner, in accordance with airport and airline guidelines.  AGENCY cannot be held responsible if a passenger misses their flight due to tardy arrival for any reason, including but not limited to traffic, weather conditions, or other acts of nature.
  25. LATE BOOKING FEES: U.S. domestic bookings with less than twenty-four (24) hours’ notice prior to flight time are subject to a minimum $35 late-booking surcharge.  International bookings with less than seventy-two (72) hours’ notice prior to flight time are subject to a minimum $60 late-booking surcharge. Charges vary by airport and will be conveyed at the time of booking if applicable.
  26. PREMIUM SURCHARGES may include, but are not limited to:
    1. Select airports may impose a non-refundable booking fee. Fees will be conveyed at the time of booking
    2. Changes to the itinerary after the original quote
    3. Multiple cars arriving separately for departure meets, charged at a minimum of $25/per vehicle.
    4. Added services requested by client the day of the meet
    5. Additional passengers not listed on the original booking. It is the booking agent’s responsibility to notify our office of any additional passengers. Should there be any additional passengers traveling that are not on the original request, AGENCY reserves the right to charge accordingly.
    6. Airline or third-party airport lounge access day passes
    7. Meets between 9pm to 9am are subject to a minimum $60 surcharge. Surcharges vary by airport.
    8. All services that extend beyond two (2) hours are subject to additional fees as per items 6 and 7.
    9. Lengthy delays or cancellations requiring additional time to finalize the service
    10. Out of pocket expenses, i.e., skycap, porters, wheelchair attendants, etc.
    11. Bookings for travel dates on major holidays, bank holidays, weekends, or other national and international events. Such examples in the domestic US include, but are not limited to: New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  International dates may include, but are not limited to:  Boxing Day, Sunday meets, Cannes Festival (France), annual festivals, Formula 1 events (Singapore), and bank holidays.

Modified on September 22, 2021