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“Can you expedite me through TSA?”

“Can you expedite me through TSA?”

Question of the Day: “Can your rep expedite me through TSA?”

You’ve seen the headlines. You’ve watched the news. You’ve heard the horror stories from friends, or experienced it yourself firsthand. TSA security lines long enough to make the lines at Disneyland in the middle of summer look like an alluring alternative. And everyone wants to know: “If I book a meet with you, can you expedite me through the security?”


Long TSA lines at the TBIT terminal at LAX

The short answer is, yes. Sometimes.

Airport Assistance Worldwide is present in over 450 airports around the globe with more than 200 of them in the United States. Each airport is unique, and even every terminal has its nuances.  Local airport officials have authority over their security lines and we must always adhere to their directives.

That said, our greeters have worked in the airport and in the meet & greet industry for many years, some of them for decades. We’ve cultivated a lot of knowledge and expertise over those years that gives us an advantage when it comes to navigating the chaos that has become modern day airport travel.

Airport Assistance Worldwide greeters do more than just escort you through the security lines though.  They are onsite well in advance of your arrival and coordinating with your private driver to make sure you arrive curbside in time.  They are working diligently behind the scenes with airline personnel checking on flight status, making sure your seat assignment is still confirmed, and scouting out which screening checkpoint has the shortest lines. Our greeters also know where all the best eateries are or where you can find the shortest Starbucks line.  It’s like having your own personal concierge at the airport.

So is it worth it to book an Airport Assistance Worldwide greeter help expertly navigate you on your next travel journey?  We think so.  While we may not always be able to expedite you through the security lines, we take the guesswork out of airport travel, leaving you free to enjoy your journey.

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