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Travel TIP Tuesday With Airport Assistance Worldwide ✈️

Travel TIP Tuesday With Airport Assistance Worldwide ✈️

Welcome to Travel TIP Tuesday with Airport Assistance Worldwide™

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Editor’s Note: The choice to travel is a personal one. Whether you’re required to travel for work or choose to travel for pleasure, Airport Assistance Worldwide strongly encourages everyone to practice responsible health and safety measures when traveling. Wear a face covering, maintain social distancing, and wash hands regularly. And always be sure to check local, state, and government guidelines related to COVID-19 before traveling. 

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Travel TIP Tuesday with Airport Assistance Worldwide

Travel TIP Tuesday # 10: Eat Like the Locals 

Eat like the locals do. Head off the beaten path and avoid the touristy areas. 

Travel TIP Tuesday #10 | Eat Like the Locals – Never Dine in a Touristy Area | Credit: SolStock – Getty Images Signature

Imagine yourself in Italy. Home to comfort pasta, rich cheese, and endless wine. You’re looking for a place to eat, and you spot a well-known franchise Italian restaurant on the main strip. You know, the one with the endless breadsticks. But then you meander down the road a few miles and find a tiny little cafe. Locals spill out, and the sound of their musical language fills the air. You walk in and peek over the counter to find a woman with deep wrinkles around sparkling eyes hand-rolling pasta in the back. A broad smile fills her face as she chatters away to a young man at the stove. There’s an uncanny resemblance between the two.

Hand-made pasta | Credit: sedmak – Getty Images

Where would you choose to dine? If you selected the well-known franchise, please take a deep breath, step outside your comfort zone, and go back to the old woman in the cafe. I promise you won’t regret it.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Street Vendors

I’ll never forget my first visit to Taiwan. I woke up the first morning after our arrival, exhausted and starving. We were staying with family on the outskirts of the city, and my husband went out and picked up some “green onion pancakes” from the local street vendor. My brain was having a hard time comprehending “green onions” and “pancakes” in the same sentence, but I was famished. I took one bite and made him run back down the street to get more! It was delicious!

Forgive the blurry image. It was so good, I barely had time to snap the picture before devouring it | Taiwanese Green Onion Pancake | Credit – Michele Ho

Street food vendors | Credit: Lina Moiseienko – Getty Images Pro

Support Local Businesses

You can even apply this to your own hometown. As a Southern California native living in Texas, I often hear other SoCal transplants ask, “Where can you find good Mexican food here”? Shockingly, people often recommend a typical Mexican fast-food joint (that shall remain nameless).

“Good” Mexican food is very personal. But I guarantee you won’t find it at your suburban drive-thru. But if you head not too far outside the ‘burbs, you’ll find thriving locally owned mom & pop restaurants. Some are full-service restaurants, some are tiny little cafes, some are food trucks. None of them are big chain establishments. All of them are frequented by the locals. Where I live, my favorite is a tiny, yellow postage-stamp-sized house tucked away on the older side of town. It’s standing room only with a beat-up counter and a few stools. They serve up the best street tacos I’ve had since leaving Los Angeles. They’re so good; I make it a point to drive the 30 minutes at least once a month to the little yellow house. I get my taco fix, and I support a locally owned minority business. It’s a win-win.

That street taco tho | Credit: Tonelson – Getty Images

Familiarity is Okay

Understandably, sometimes familiarity is necessary. You’ve just landed and haven’t quite gotten yourself acclimated. Perhaps it’s late, and you’re exhausted. You just want to grab a quick bite and head to your room. It’s OK to seek out something you recognize. Whether it’s the golden arches or that big-brand franchise Italian restaurant, there’s no shame! But as much as possible, step outside your comfort zone, and go off the beaten path. You’ll discover new culinary delights you would never have experienced otherwise.

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