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Travel TIP Tuesday With Airport Assistance Worldwide ✈️

Travel TIP Tuesday With Airport Assistance Worldwide ✈️

Welcome to Travel TIP Tuesday with Airport Assistance Worldwide™

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Editor’s Note: The choice to travel is a personal one. Whether you’re required to travel for work or choose to travel for pleasure, Airport Assistance Worldwide strongly encourages everyone to practice responsible health and safety measures when traveling. Wear a face covering, maintain social distancing, and wash hands regularly. And always be sure to check local, state, and government guidelines related to COVID-19 before traveling. 

We love visuals! That’s why we’re creating our own virtual Photo LookBook of handy Travel TIPS!  Bookmark our site and follow us on social media and create your own photo album of our Travel TIPS, so you are ready to hit the skies when it’s safe to travel again.  Our tips include the tried and true, the not-so-obvious, the ones your Mom keeps reminding you about, and insider secrets from savvy travelers in the know. 😉

Travel TIP Tuesday with Airport Assistance Worldwide

Travel TIP Tuesday #7:  Take Tons of Photos of Everything on Your Trip!

Whenever I pull out my phone to capture a photo of (fill-in-the-blank), my twenty-year-old tells me, “Mom, stop taking pictures and just live in the moment!”  Easy for her to say with her young twenty-year-old-brain that has no problem remembering things. 

A woman holds a camera pointed at the subject

Growing up, I was always the kid who had a camera strapped around my neck. Call me half-Asian (yes, I accept the stereotype with glee), but someone has to capture those epic 80s moments in history. Otherwise, did they even really happen??

Fast forward to 2021, and this 50-year-old brain doesn’t remember things as quickly as it used to. That’s why I take tons of photographs on every trip or event, often averaging several hundred each time. My family rolls their eyes, my husband refuses to smile, my adult kids put their hands up to cover their faces, and I’m often left behind as they scurry off without me. But in twenty years, when my memories begin to fade, what will be left to tell the stories, but for the pictures?

Travel TIP Tuesday #7: Take Tons of Photos of Everything! | Background Image Credit @ RossHelen

Photographs are great at jogging the memory. My best friend often starts a conversation with, “Do you remember that time in 9th grade when……”, and my response is to stare at her blankly. “Uh, nope. Sorry, don’t remember.” But when she reminds me about that epic road-trip to Palm Springs in her yellow Miata, I surely remember every detail. I remember pulling over on the side of the empty, unlit highway while we switched driving positions. We were too scared to get out of the car, so we climbed over each other to swap seats.  I remember riding bikes down the main street in our bathing suits;  I remember the tired little motel we stayed at. Why? Because I have tons of photos! I’m known to regale my kids with these dramatic stories about the adventures of my youth, but who will tell my future generations these fun stories if there’s no evidence they even happened?

The editor and her best friend sitting on the back of BF’s Miata; circa 1991 | Photo Courtesy of Michele Ho

Currently, I’m cataloging vintage photos for an upcoming family reunion.  In the 1800s, photos were few and far between for obvious reasons. The ones we do have are extra special because they tell the history of my ancestors who came here from Switzerland. As I study each image, I’m drawn into what rural life must have been like to homestead on the new frontier in those early days. I treasure each image, grateful for its individual story.  Although these aren’t “vacation” photos, they are equally as important, if not more so.  There is so much we would not know without these precious images.

So my advice to you next time you travel (and always)? Take pictures of everything!  Photograph the national monuments, take snapshots of the local flora, capture the locals in their natural setting, take a selfie with your cab driver! 

A local Cuban woman wearing a colorful dress sits on a stoop smoking a cigar. | Photo courtesy of Michele Ho

Grab that camera, and don’t put it down! You can still live in the moment and catalog every memory of your trip. The trick is not to take it too seriously. Unless you’re a skilled photographer, who cares if your composition is off? Don’t worry if the lighting isn’t perfect or there’s background “noise.” Not every photo needs to be Instagram-worthy. Just take the picture. And take LOTS of them. Because you will never regret the 1,237 photos, you did take. You’ll only regret the one you didn’t.  Like this one when a tree-rat emptied its bladder on my shoulder in Cuba. 

A trip to Cuba isn’t complete without being urinated on by a tree rat. | Photo courtesy of Michele Ho

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