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Travel TIP Tuesday With Airport Assistance Worldwide ✈️

Travel TIP Tuesday With Airport Assistance Worldwide ✈️

Welcome to Travel TIP Tuesday with Airport Assistance Worldwide™

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Editor’s Note: The choice to travel is a personal one. Whether you’re required to travel for work or choose to travel for pleasure, Airport Assistance Worldwide strongly encourages everyone to practice responsible health and safety measures when traveling. Wear a face covering, maintain social distancing, and wash hands regularly. And always be sure to check local, state, and government guidelines related to COVID-19 before traveling. 

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Travel TIP Tuesday with Airport Assistance Worldwide

Travel TIP Tuesday # 9: Wake Up Early To Avoid The Crowds

If you’re like most people, you’re overworked and sleep-deprived and it can be tempting to sleep in when you’re on vacation. Resist the urge! You get so much more bang for your buck when you wake up early to start your day.

It’s temping to sleep in on vacation, but resist the urge. The best time of the day to explore is early in the morning. | PeopleImages | Getty Images Signature

You worked hard to afford your vacation. You’ll get the most value out of your trip if you wake up early to start your day. You’ll get to experience the local region in its most authentic form. The lighting is perfect for photo ops. And the best part – it’s less crowded and quieter.

Travel TIP Tuesday # 9: Wake Up Early to Take Advantage of the Best Part of the Day | Image Credit: Ankorlight | Getty Images | ©Airport Assistance Worldwide

Experience the Local Region in its Most Authentic Form

New Orleans, for all its uninhibited glory, is fascinating in the early morning hours. I remember in my younger days, visiting during the Jazz Festival. We’d stay out all night, often wandering our way back to our hotel in the early dawn. Crazy right? Who even does that 🙊?? The French Quarter at that hour may not be the most beautiful (nor the most pleasant olfactory experience), but it gives you a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes. It’s curious and even mysterious. Proprietors are washing down the sidewalks, unloading trucks, and getting ready to restart the day. I remember the shopkeepers being surprised when I smiled and said “good morning” to them, as if their relationship with tourists only existed during the midday and nighttime hours. The city never stops, and I loved feeling like I was in on a little secret being able to see this mostly unknown part of their workday. Technically, I didn’t actually “wake up early” on those trips, but the experience inspired me to appreciate those first rays of light. Not everything is beautiful or picture-perfect and seeing the city during its most vulnerable time opens your eyes to discover that which you wouldn’t have seen before.

The early morning hours are a good time to experience the region in its most vulnerable form. It opens your eyes to discover that which you wouldn’t have seen before. | Credit: Spondylolithesis | Getty Images Signature


The Lighting is Perfect for Photo Ops

Waking up early to start your day is a great time to take pictures! The sun is still making its debut, so the lighting isn’t bright or harsh. The early dawn offers just the right amount of light to capture your images without shadows or glares.  Professional photographers use the “golden hour” rule to plan their photo shoots.  The golden hour is the one hour before sunset and one after before sunrise.  I used to think you always needed bright sunshine for the best pics, but after a recent beach getaway when it was overcast and gloomy, I discovered my images came out amazing! Late evening works as well, but mornings are best. Now I always make sure to get most of my photography done in the early morning hours.

Consider this first image of the famous Taj Mahal in India. It’s a beautiful shot, but the bright daylight casts shadows on the architecture and the crowds of people make it feel busy and chaotic.

Taj Mahal in bright light with shadows and crowds. | Credit: MadKruben | Getty Images

Now check out this version of the Taj Mahal. The morning light leaves a dreamy glow with no shadows to obstruct the eye. Zero crowds allows you to immerse yourself in the moment and truly appreciate the architecture and beauty of this magnificent historical monument.

The early morning hour leaves a dreamy glow, allowing you to fully appreciate the architecture of this historical monument. | Credit: BradCalkins | Getty Images

It’s Less Crowded and Quieter

The best part about waking up early when you’re on vacation is the lack of crowds. Since most people do love sleeping in, this is the best time to get some sight-seeing done. And since this is also the best time for photography, your images will be that much better with fewer crowds! There’s nothing worse than a picture of the Eiffel Tower with hundreds of people taking selfies in front of it. Wake up early, and you’ll get first dibs at the perfect photo op!

The Eiffel Tower in the morning offers nearly unobstructed views with hardly any crowds. | Credit: Ankorlight | Getty Images

It’s Safer

One bonus for waking up early: It’s safer! Criminals are not early-birds and are still sleeping off their nighttime activity. You’re less likely to get pick-pocketed or bothered in the early morning. That said, never let your guard down, but it’s just another reason why it’s great to wake up early to start your day when you’re on vacation!

Central Park in the morning | Credit: magnez2 | Getty Images Signature

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