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Travel TIP Tuesday With Airport Assistance Worldwide ✈️

Travel TIP Tuesday With Airport Assistance Worldwide ✈️

Welcome to Travel TIP Tuesday!

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There are scores of articles exclaiming “60 of the Best Travel Tips”, or “Top 10 Travel Tips”, but we think visuals are better! Bookmark our site and follow us on social media and create your own photo album of handy Travel TIPS, so you are ready to hit the skies when it’s safe to travel again.  Our tips will include the tried and true, the not-so-obvious, the ones your Mom keeps reminding you about, and insider secrets from savvy travelers in the know. 😉

Travel TIP Tuesday with Airport Assistance Worldwide

Travel TIP Tuesday:  Pack Extra Face Coverings

Remember when your mother would tell you to pack extra underpants when you went for a sleepover?  Mom was on to something.   It’s better to be over-prepared than under-prepared. In this case, don’t just pack extra underwear, pack extra face masks! 

We know that face coverings protect us from viral infections and will help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.  It’s important for everyone to do their part by wearing an appropriate face mask (completely covering the nose and mouth), practicing social distancing, and washing hands regularly or using hand sanitizer.  Every city, state, and country has its own set of rules and requirements during the Coronavirus pandemic.  Travelers should always check with local officials for the most up to date information.

Travel TIP Tuesday: Pack Extra Face Masks!

Pack a combination of reusable and disposable face coverings. Ideally, you’ll want to use reusable masks as much as possible, so you’re not creating so much trash. We believe in being environmentally conscious while traveling, and although it’s tempting to use convenient disposables for your entire trip, we’re already seeing the effects of disposable PPE pollution. For daily wear, we recommend packing one reusable mask per day + two extra just in case. However, you never know when you might find yourself on an adventure where there’s a possibility your mask could get damaged or lost. For these outings, use a disposable mask, and pack two to three extra.

female standing outside wearing cloth face covering

A woman looks at the camera wearing cloth face covering | Image Credit: axelbueckert

If you’re going on a long trip, it may not be possible to pack one reusable mask a day (most of us don’t have 14 cloth masks at home)! Don’t fret! We won’t judge if you need to supplement with disposables. You can also wash your cloth face masks and hang them to dry in your room. The CDC recommends washing in a washing machine, if possible. Since washing machines aren’t always available in hotels or Airbnbs, you can also wash your masks by hand.  By the time you’ve used up all your clean ones, the ones you washed will be dry and ready to use again!

female standing in profile wearing disposable face covering

A woman stands in the airport terminal wearing a disposable face covering | Image Credit: AndreyPopov | Getty Images

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